Lakshmi Brothers


Darren Matadeen (Left) & Avinash Nagamah (Right).


Darren Matadeen & Avinash Nagamah are owners of Lakshmi Empire Ltd, with a Mathematical & Technological Edge in Trading.

They run their Family office Based in London, United Kingdom, spearing heading their LE-GACY Platform in AI TRADING in Forex, Crypto Currencies, Gold, Oil and other Asset Classes, including Sports and Gaming.

They are originally from The Top Fortune 5 Global Companies, bringing a wealth of leadership and mentoring.

Since December 2015, the Lakshmi Brothers have expanded over 100,000 paid clients worldwide.

In 2018, The Lakshmi Brothers crossed over $1 Billion USD in Global Sales Volumes for Banks and HNWIs, and set to 10X between 2019 and 2021.