Are you a long-term cryptocurrency believer (Hodler)? Planning to sit on your BTC for the next 18 months? Would you like to create a monthly passive income from your Bitcoin holdings?Say something interesting about your business here.


The programme has been designed to appeal to digital asset holders who are looking to grow their long term bitcoin holdings without risking any exposure to fiat price volatility. These are the first ever Bitcoin denominated securities to have been allocated International Security Identification Numbers (ISINs).


The programme delivers passive Bitcoin growth through an investment grade structure with no exposure to fiat. Growth is delivered by securitizing exposures to a portfolio of collateralised digital asset debt instruments. All settlement, underlying collateral, and growth is denominated in Bitcoin.


The bonds are issued from the Argento Access platform. Argento Access is a Luxembourg registered securitization company established in 2013, which offers exposure to a range of alternative asset growth strategies through easily purchasable financial products. Argento Access has extensive experience in catering to investors’ needs and interests.


Four product options, each with different durations and growth specifications. Please fill the contact form and a dedicated member of our accounts team will be in touch with you.